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We write code on machines, but our audience is really each other. Good code does its job cleanly and efficiently, but at its best reflects an awareness of the larger community. Built upon the work of other developers, it lends itself to further extension by colleagues and strangers (including our future selves).

My programming doesn’t always meet this bar, and even when it does, I believe that if I’m not embarrassed by my code of six months ago, I’m probably not doing it right. Accepting this is part of accepting the social nature of coding. It is iterative, a conversation rather than a statement.

I offer this site therefore as part of that conversation - a catalog of where I’ve been, a marker of where I’d like to go, and hopefully a place where others can learn from me, and I from them. It is a work in progress, as is life. Enjoy.

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Most of my work has been with @sanbornmedia, and I don’t have permission to repost it here. If you’re curious to see some of my work, though, drop me a line at pschwei1-AT-gmail-DOT-com and I’ll be happy to talk about it. Most of it has been in collaboration with my very talented colleagues, so if you like what you see, I also encourage you to contact Sanborn Media Factory directly.

I am working on a few side projects, which I will be able to post here, and which I plan on wrapping up in the next few weeks. Check back soon!